Ornament of the Month Club™

Would you like to become a member of my Ornament of the Month Club?

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Blue and Green Flower Ornament
Dainty Daisy Easter Egg Ornament
Dainty Daisy
Patchwork Ornament
Confetti Ornament
Jeweled Cranberry Ornament
Jeweled Cranberry
Falling Leaves Ornament
Falling Leaves
Magic Ornament
Welcome Autumn Ornament
Welcome Autumn
Picnic Ornament
Star Spangled Ornament
Star Spangled
Very Berry Ornament
Very Berry
Daisy Bouquet Ornament
Daisy Bouquet
Jingle Jingle Ornament
Jingle Jingle
Thankkful Ornament
Halloween Haunt Ornament
Halloween Haunt
Enchanted Autumn Ornament
Enchanted Autumn
Watermelon Garden Ornament
Watermelon Garden
All American Summer Ornament
All American Summer
Flip Flop Ornament
Flip Flop
Mayflowers Ornament
Watercolors Christmas Ornament
Luck of the Irish Ornament
Luck of the Irish
Be Mine Ornament
Be Mine
Snow Storm Ornament
Snow Storm

About The Club

By joining my ornament of the month club, you will receive a brand new seasonal ornament each month...dated and signed by me. Membership is limited, and these exclusive ornament designs will be available only to club members at this price! Best of all, there is no yearly subscription fee...billing will occur monthly, and you will be able to unsubscribe at any time.
Ornament designs may include, but will not be limited to, the following themes:

Club membership is currently closed.

a little more information...

The price of each ornament is $35.00, plus $5.50 for USPS Priority Shipping and packaging. Ornament and shipping pricing are subject to change with notice.

Members will receive a PayPal invoice for each month's ornament by the 1st of the month. (Please be sure to add sales@theornamentgirl.com to your address book after joining in order to ensure that each invoice is delivered to your inbox.) As long as payment is received, the ornament will arrive during the first 2 weeks of that month.

In the event of non-payment, that month's ornament will not be sent. If non-payment occurs more than twice, club membership will be canceled. (If you need to temporarily suspend your membership, please email me at staciann@theornamentgirl.com...I will work with you!)

Each month's sale is final...however, you may unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to: sales@theornamentgirl.com.